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What Happens If My Sewer Line Breaks?

Every home has a sewer line that takes household waste products out and away from the house. When the system is working to perfection, everything is wonderful, but if the sewer line develops a hole or a crack, you many notice some very unpleasant side effects. With a break in the sewer line, all that wastewater can escape into areas of your home or under the ground around your home. If you smell sewage in your house, or wastewater is coming back into any of your household drains, then you likely have a sewer line issue that requires immediate attention.

Do You Have an Emergency Plumber?

An emergency plumber isn’t a service provider that you have on retainer just in case something goes wrong and you need them, but a good one will be ready whenever called upon. In order to minimize damage during a plumbing emergency, you should keep your emergency plumber’s number somewhere that is easy to find and won’t require any searching on your part. The last thing you need when water is flooding your home is to waste time looking for the number of the plumber that has the solution you need.

The High Pressure Drain Solution

Paper products, caked on sludge, hardened cooking grease, hair and tree roots can all create immovable drain clogs that require powerful tools to make a dent. Plumbers have a technique known as hydrojetting that uses high-pressure blasts of water to knock even the most stubborn clogs out of the way. The water pressure used in hydrojetting can reach 4,000 psi, so it is definitely a job for professionals, and one that will return your pipes to their original state.

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