Hot Springs Burst Pipe Repair Services

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Burst Pipe Repair Services in Hot Springs, AR

There’s really no way to describe the sense of panic that accompanies the knowledge that a pipe has burst on your property. Just the term itself conjures up visions of water or waste gushing into your living space. Luckily, plumbers with burst pipe experience know how to pinpoint the problem and minimize damage before it becomes too costly.

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Burst Pipes from Tree Roots?

Most homeowners or business owners wouldn’t consider a tree root as a potential culprit for causing pipes to burst, but they are one of the common causes. Tree roots naturally grow toward sources of water in order to feed the tree they are supporting. If that source happens to be a water pipe, and that pipe happens to be older or weakened for some reason, the roots can crowd the pipe to the point of bursting. If the pipe already has a minor crack or small hole, the roots can grow right into the pipe, causing a serious clog to go along with the leak. Extreme cold weather that causes the water to freeze in pipes and general aging are other common causes of burst pipes.

Should I Call Right Away?

The vast majority of the time, burst pipes fall into the “emergency plumbing situation” category. The pressure involved with the pipe bursting means everything inside the pipe is pouring out, so calling as soon as you notice what has happened is recommended. The longer you wait, the greater the chance of serious water damage, mold growth and a huge clean-up bill.

You Can Prevent Burst Pipes…Sometimes

Preventing burst pipes is possible, but not all the time. If you live in an area that experiences cold winters, you can insulate your pipes that are at risk of freezing, but it only takes one especially cold night and small, section of uninsulated pipe to cause a problem. You can also schedule annual inspections of your plumbing system to try to stay on top of issues that will cause pipes to burst. These actions will help, but sometimes the build up to a burst pipe is short and unavoidable. For these times, having the number of a reliable emergency plumber close at hand is paramount.

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