Hot Springs Gas Line Repair & Installation Services

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Gas Line Repair Installation Services in Hot Springs, AR

Your gas line plays a very important role within your home, but it also has the potential to cause serious problems if it becomes damaged. Gas line repair and installation is service only professionals should attempt, and it’s never recommended for homeowners or business owners to try by themselves.

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Why Your Home Has a Gas Line

Your home has a gas line if it relies on natural gas or propane to provide heat to the house and fuel to household appliances. Without a gas line, there is no gas furnace, no gas stove, no gas water heater, and so on. Whichever gas your home uses, it is constantly supplied through the gas line, unless something happens to disrupt the flow or stop it altogether. If this happens, you should take immediate action.

Easy Gas Leak Detection

A gas leak is probably the biggest fear of many homeowners that have a gas line running to their home. It’s easy to envision the house filling up with gas and then exploding into the sky, like in the movies. There are a few ways you can detect a gas leak in your home to avoid such a frightening scenario. A rotten egg smell is one sign that you may have a gas leak in the house. You may also hear a hissing sound coming from the area of a gas line, if the line has been punctured and gas is escaping.

If part of the gas line that remains underground has been damaged, you might see dead or decayed vegetation on the surface, underneath the location of the break. Gas line leaks may occur because of intense weather, poor installation or an aging line that has weakened over time. If you notice any signs, it is wise to shut off the supply in the house and call for help.

Is a Gas Leak Dangerous?

First, get everyone out of the house, then call 911 to report the leak. Next, call your plumber to come and inspect the line and provide a repair or replacement. Propane and natural gas are quite dangerous and can cause an explosion or fire, so take the signs seriously and act quickly.

Find a solution to your gas line issues by calling Bowen Plumbing, Inc. at (501) 318-3747 in Hot Springs, AR and the surrounding area. Make sure to tell us exactly what has happened and what signs you’ve seen, so we can provide the safest solution.