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Professional Inspection Saves Money

Having your plumbing system professionally inspected and maintained is a good way to avoid plumbing repairs in the future, including plumbing emergencies that can end up costing you thousands of dollars. When you have your appliances, pipes and fixtures inspected, the technician checks the general health of the system and looks for potential issues that are just under the surface. Professional inspection doesn’t ensure you’ll never have a plumbing problem, but it is a great preventative tool for keeping your system running smoothly and avoiding unnecessary expense.

What to Do In a Plumbing Emergency

If you do happen to find yourself in a plumbing emergency, it’s important that you remain calm. That may be challenging if water is gushing into your home or business, but at the very least, try to remain level headed. Losing your composure at this point will only result in more damage. If possible, go to the shut off valve for the water supply and turn off the water. This will limit the damage to whatever has happened, so far. Next, call your emergency plumber and explain what has happened. They may give you further instruction while dispatching a truck to come and take control of the situation. When the plumber arrives, answer questions, follow instructions and let him get to work.

Why Does My Water Taste Like Metal?

It’s a little unsettling when your household water develops unpleasant tastes, colors and odors. When this happens, there is no denying the fact that some impurity has caused it, and that water filtration should be used to remove it. If your water has a metallic taste, the most likely culprit is dissolved iron. Iron can leach into the water from nearby rock formations and create a metallic taste or rust-colored stains on some of your household fixtures. If you notice anything unusual about your water at all, call for a professional water test and ask about water filtration.

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