Hot Springs Toilet Repair & Installation Services

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Toilet Repair Installation Services in Hot Springs, AR

Toilet repair certainly isn’t considered a glamorous job, but when your toilet stops working correctly or is backing up all over your floor, the most welcomed sight you’ll see is that plumbing truck in front of your house. It’s usually possible to come up with homemade fixes or alternatives for many problems, but a broken toilet isn’t one of them.

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Why Won’t My Toilet Flush?

Obviously, the ability of your toilet to flush properly is one of its most important features. When it stops flushing you can’t get rid of all the things that were in the bowl and that’s just not good enough. If your toilet won’t flush properly, it may be due to a clog that’s interfering with the toilet’s function, the chain inside the tank may have come off or the handle itself may need replacing. Whatever the reason, it need professional attention before you end up with a mess on your hands or your family members are forced to leave the house and go elsewhere to use the facilities.

Toilet Clog Prevention Basics

A clogged toilet is one of those issues that falls under the toilet repair category and the clogged drain category at the same time. Most plumbers have given instructions to homeowners a thousand times, but it’s always worth repeating. To do your part in preventing clogged toilets, stop using so much toilet paper before flushing, don’t put paper towels or feminine hygiene products in the toilet and tell your kids not to do any flushing experiments with toys or other items.

Reliable Toilet Installation

Since a working toilet is such an important part of everyday home life, reliable installation is a key to keeping it working smoothly. During a toilet installation, it is important to make sure there are no gaps if the new one is a different size, it is important to know the local building codes, and it is important to check for signs of mold, mildew and rotting under the old toilet. This is best achieved by a professional plumber who has installed hundreds of toilets and will make sure every part of the toilet is working perfectly before you use it.

You know you can’t go too long without a properly functioning toilet. If you have a toilet issue in Hot Springs, AR or the surrounding area, call Bowen Plumbing, Inc. at (501) 318-3747 today.