Arkansas Water Heater Installation & Repair Services

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Water Heater Services in Hot Springs, AR

Water heater repair is one of the more common services for many plumbers. People don’t like to go without hot water for very long, and when their water heater has issues that affect its function, they don’t wait long to call for help. Professional water heater installation will usually guarantees ten years or more of use, but little glitches can take place along the way that require the attention of professional water heater services.

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Help...There’s No Hot Water!

The most glaring sign that you have a problem with your water heater is when you can’t get any hot water to come out of the faucets. If there hasn’t been heavy hot water usage in the house during the past couple of hours and if the problem is spread over every faucet in the house, then your water heater is the likely culprit. When this happens, water heater repair services are usually the answer. Whether you see water leaking from the base of the tank or not, it’s best to call for help so you can get the problem fixed without having to replace the whole tank.

Why Did My Water Heater Break?

A leak in the tank can cause the hot water to disappear, but more often than not, the problem is in the thermostat. Water heater thermostats have complex wiring and must be programmed correctly for your water to be the temperature you like. Whether the wiring needs fixing or the thermostat just needs to be reset, a professional plumber with water heater experience can come in, take care of the situation for you, and restore your hot water.

Can I Install It Myself?

When the time comes to have a new water heater installed, many homeowners want to try the DIY route. With modern water heaters being more intricate and energy efficient, it usually makes sense to leave this task to professionals. Water heater installation involves the plumbing system, the electrical system, building codes, bylaws and manufacturer’s warranties. In order to keep all of these elements working together and to ensure future problems are kept to a minimum, professional installation is the way to go.

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