Hot Springs Leak Detection Services

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Water Leak Detection Services in Hot Springs, AR

Water leak detection is a plumbing service that utilizes specialized diagnostic equipment to locate leaks that are difficult to find. These “behind-the-scenes” type of leaks end up being some of the most costly, because they can go on and on for months before anyone realizes something isn’t right. For many homeowners, if the leak isn’t right there in front of them, they won’t even make the initial call for help. Leak detection is valuable and will save you money, but you have to keep your eyes open for signs of hidden leaks, and then call a plumber to find them.

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Signs of Water Leaks in Your Home

In a perfect world, there is no excess moisture in areas of your home that are supposed to be dry. This includes carpets, baseboards, flooring, drywall and so on. If you notice puddles, dampness or mold and mildew in any of these areas, you probably have an undetected water leak. If you can hear faint sounds of running water behind walls or under floors when there is no water running in the house, this is another sign of a hidden leak. If none of these signs are evident, yet your water bill keeps increasing each month, call for leak detection services.

Waiting Means Extra Damage

If you have the type of personality that is anti-alarmist and doesn’t like to call for help every time something unusual happens, you should try to go against your instincts on this one. The day you notice signs of a water leak probably isn’t the day the leak started, and you may already have a lot of damage to contend with under the surface. If there is a leak, waiting only increases the likelihood of water damage that can affect your electrical system, household fixtures and the structure of your house.

Professional Water Leak Detection Basics

When you call for professional leak detection service, our technician will come out and assess the situation for you, then apply his expertise to find the location of the leak along your plumbing system. Once the leak or leaks have been detected, we can turn our attention to fixing the leaks, replacing the sections of pipe, or whatever solution seems most practical.

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