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Find experienced and reliable plumbing and drain cleaning services when you call Bowen Plumbing, Inc. at (501) 318-3747. We will give an honest estimate and provide you with a fast, affordable solution to your residential or commercial plumbing problem. Click here to see our current online sales and coupons.

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services in Hot Springs, AR

Do you know a good plumber? Most people have heard that question at least once during their lives, and for good reason. Finding a quality plumber when you need one can be quite the challenge, and even if you do find one that has the technical skills, the customer service may be lacking. At Bowen Plumbing, Inc., we offer the total package of high quality plumbing service and customer service at affordable prices throughout Arkansas.

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  • Always on time; detailed explanation of what’s wrong & what needs to be done. Clean!

    B. Erdmann
  • Wouldn’t use anyone else! I recommend you to everyone!

    A. Steely
  • Been using you guys for 12 years.

    J. Tortorich
  • I was very pleased with your services.

    W. Pike
  • A wonderful service in every way. You folks are super. We’re your customer for life. Thank you.

    L. Stracener
  • It’s so refreshing to know a company cares and appreciates clients.

    M. Placker


The Incredible Value of Skilled Emergency Plumbers

Emergency plumbing situations are what set the average plumber apart from the highest quality plumbers. If a pipe has burst, a natural disaster has caused chaos in your home or a massive drain clog is emptying wastewater into your home, you need help immediately. You need a plumber that is available and willing to take control of the situation, so you can rest easy. Plumbing emergencies often result in extensive damage and repair costs, not to mention the potential environmental ramifications. Bowen Plumbing, Inc. has experienced emergency plumbers. We know how to manage emergency situations and how to minimize damage in the most efficient way possible.

Emergency Plumbing in Hot Springs, AR

Drain Cleaning in Hot Springs, AR

Blasting Away the Most Stubborn Drain Clogs

Clogged drains are a part of normal life if you have running water in your home. Clogged drains that won’t budge no matter what you do are not normal, and they require professional attention as soon as possible.

Water Heater Solutions for Every Homeowner

In the world of modern plumbing, today’s homeowners have the choice between traditional water heaters that use a tank, and tankless water heaters. The standard tank versions work the same as they always have, although newer models are more energy efficient with thermostats that are more sensitive. As a well-rounded plumbing company, we also offer tankless water heaters. These heaters tie into your home’s plumbing system and dispense hot water directly to individual faucets whenever you need it. Tankless systems are usually more energy efficient and you won’t run out of hot water no matter how much you use.

Watetr Heaters in Hot Springs, AR

Water Treatment in Hot Springs, AR

Water Treatment Experts

Water quality is of the utmost importance in today’s world, and since you can’t really control what goes on outside your own home, controlling your own water supply makes sense. A good water filtration system will filter out impurities and contaminants before they get into your household water. Things like dissolved minerals, tannins, chorine, sulfur, bacteria and arsenic have no business being in your drinking water and bathing water. We can test your water and then suggest the most practical water filtration system for your home.

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