Hot Springs Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation Services

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Bathroom Remodeling & Renovation Services in Hot Springs, AR

Bathrooms are often a focal point when it comes to remodeling and renovations. Sometimes, it is necessary because of flooding or moisture issues, but quite often it has more to do with aesthetics than anything else does. Whatever the reason, it all starts with a plan and laying the pipes so your tubs, showers and toilets will function properly.

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Start at the Beginning

Laying the framework for a successful bathroom renovation starts with the plumbing. Sometimes, the existing plumbing framework is used, new fixtures are added, and sometimes the entire thing is ripped out and started from scratch. Either way, it’s important to have an experienced plumber on hand to make sure the plumbing element of the job goes according to plan. Most of the time, a plumber will work alongside the designer to get everything where it is supposed to be and functioning at full capacity. Having a beautiful new bathroom is pointless if the fixture don’t work the way they should or if there are leaks.

What’s Your Style Preference?

Many bathroom remodels come about because the homeowner wants a new look and not because the old fixtures have stopped working effectively. The style and placement of the new fixtures can be created with the help of a designer, but make sure you use a professional plumber for the installation. Just as with the plumbing, having these elements installed correctly is of paramount importance if the renovation is going to be successful. So, have fun and pick the styles you want, and then let us tie them into the plumbing system with a professional installation.

Should I Try DIY Bathroom Renovations?

Many homeowners are into the DIY scene, and while it makes for interesting television shows, you should probably leave most of your bathroom renovations to professionals. That’s not to say you can’t paint the walls, lay down a new floor or install a vanity. Just leave the plumbing, tub, shower and toilet installation to people that are familiar with building codes and bylaws, and know how each new fixture ties into your entire plumbing system. There is never anything fun about having to tear things down and start over again because you missed a few critical details.

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