Hot Springs Water Softener System Installation & Repair Services

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Water Softener Services in Hot Springs, AR

Water softeners are designed to change your hard water into soft water. There is no discernable difference between hard and soft water when they are placed next to one another, but there is a difference when you use hard water on a daily basis. Water softening is a form of water filtration, and when installed correctly by a professional, it will erase all signs of hard water from your household water supply.

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The Basics of Hard Water

Hard water is a phenomenon that originates in rock formations around your home. The rocks produce minerals like calcium and magnesium and these dissolved minerals get into your household water supply. Both calcium and magnesium are necessary for optimum human health, and even though these minerals won’t hurt you when they’re in your water, they will create other unpleasant effects.

Does Hard Water Leave Signs?

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you have hard water in your home is lime scale. This term refers to a white residue that ends up on your cookware, appliances and fixtures that come into regular contact with water. Lime scale can be quite difficult to scrub off, and over time, it won’t come off at all. If lime scale builds up on the bottom of casserole dishes or other cookware, it can alter the quality of your food because the food won’t cook through.

Another sign of hard water takes place in the shower and in your washing machine. The dissolved minerals can make it difficult to get soap and shampoo to lather properly, which leads to flat, dry-looking hair and stiff, scratchy laundry. All of these side effects are more annoyance than anything, but you still don’t want to have to deal with them on a daily basis.

Professional Installation Equals Peace of Mind

If you have signs of hard water in your home, the smartest move is to call for professional water softener installation. When you have a water softener installed professionally, you can feel confident that the levels of dissolved minerals will be in a normal range and you won’t have to think about the frustrating side effects any longer.

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