Hot Springs Backflow Testing & Certification Services

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Backflow Testing & Certification Services in Hot Springs, AR

Backflow happens when the water that is flowing through one of your pipes, reverses its flow. It doesn’t take a Master Plumber to figure out that if it isn’t flowing out, it must be flowing back toward your house. Backflow can cause a host of different problems, so having access to a reliable testing service is a huge benefit.

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Who Needs Backflow Testing?

If you and your family drink and/or bathe in the water from your plumbing system and the water flow has been interrupted for some reason, backflow testing may be in order. Generally, the water interruption will have happened due to an event or issue that took place outside the house. When something like this happens, backflow testing is performed to ensure the water quality hasn’t been affected and that everything is as it should be. It’s wise to call for a test even if the water seems fine, because quite often the problems lie at the microscopic level.

Backflow Testing Basics

For standard backflow testing, the flow of the water in your pipes is checked to see if any changes have taken place, and if they have how serious those changes were. Debris that is present in the water is cleared away and the water will usually go through further testing to ensure there are no contaminants that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Professional plumbers have the necessary tools, equipment and technology to determine if there has been backflow in your pipes, and the expertise to know exactly how to handle it.

Should I be Afraid of Backflow?

Living in fear is never a good idea, but you should be concerned with backflow if you’ve had a water flow interruption like mentioned above. When you think of everything that flows out of your home possibly coming back into the water supply, the results can be quite serious. Bacteria and chemicals in your drinking and bathing water have the potential to make your family sick. If the water flow in your home has been interrupted, call us before you begin using the water again. If it sounds like backflow, we will send someone out immediately to test the water and get your water flowing properly once again.

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