Preferred Customer Plan Service Agreements

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Keep Your Home Safe, and Save Money.

Our Preferred Customer Plan Service Agreements provide you with an opportunity to choose from a variety of services that suit your needs. Depending upon the type of plumbing system you have, we can help you decide on the maintenance plan that’s right for you. When you pay the one, two, or three year contract fee, you receive bi-annual inspection of your home’s equipment at no extra cost and up to 15% discount off our up-front prices on any repairs you might need during the contract time period. This also includes Preferred Customer Service which moves you to the front of the line and emergency service (being available to repair your plumbing system any brand, anytime).

Preferred Customer Plan Plumbing and Drain Cleaning Services in Hot Springs, AR

The details and benefits of Preferred Customer Plan Service Agreements are shown below. Please feel free to call us to learn more about the excellent savings that can be available to you as a Preferred Customer Service Plan Agreement Customer. We also provide a sprinkler maintenance service program.

Plumbing Service Agreement Plan

Water Heaters (Residential)

What We Will Do:Check the burner assembly on your gas water heater, visually check the Temperature & Pressure relief valve for safe operation. Check the vent assembly on you gas water heater, visually check the Temperature and Pressure relief valve for safe operation. Check the vent assembly for carbon monoxide leakage. If electric, check the thermostat settings and readjust. Ensure the water heater is operating at peak efficiency.

Why Have It Done:

By having this service done by us, it guarantees that your water heater will be operating at its peak efficiency, saving you money on your utility bill as well as ensuring your safety.


What We Will Do:

We will check under the kitchen sink and all lavatories for leaks and corrosion. We will also check for ease of operation and clean the aerators on all of your faucets throughout the house for proper water flow. We will check emergency shut-off valves for improper functioning.

Why Have It Done:

Foreign material often comes through your water source. This foreign material clogs the aerator restricting proper water flow. By having this service performed, it will extend the life of your faucet and save you money by not having to replace these items as often. Checking shut-off valves will insure safety in case of water leakage.


What We Will Do:

We will inspect the toilet and tank for any leaks and proper flushing action. We will check the water measuring device for proper adjustment along with the flapper for a proper water seal. The float ball, overflow tube and any linkage will be adjusted and set to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Why Have It Done:

To reduce embarrassing and annoying toilet noise from improperly adjusted or defective water measuring devices in the toilet. This service will reduce water consumption and guarantee proper flushing action to move solid waste down the line reducing the chance of a stoppage.

Water Pressure Regulator

What We Will Do:

Our service technician will check the water pressure on the incoming water line and make any necessary adjustments to your exposed regulator. High water pressure could damage your water heater, fixtures and could cause a pipe to burst in the plumbing system.

Why Have It Done:

By having your water pressure checked, it will reduce wear and tear on all of your plumbing fixtures throughout your house. High water pressure can cause severe damage to the plumbing system and your water heater warranty may not be honored. This service will insure that your plumbing water pressure is adjusted correctly and helps extend the life of your water heater and fixtures.


What We Will Do:

Our service technician will check for slow drains on your kitchen sink, all lavatories, and your tub and shower drains. Bio-Clean is an environmentally sound bacteria and enzyme drain treatment that eats its way through drain pipes and grease traps without harming pipes, containers or any other inorganic material. Ask technician for information on Bio-Clean.

Why Have It Done:

By checking for slow drains, it will help insure your system from having branch or mainline stoppages. By having your drains treated with Bio-Clean on a regular basis, it helps prevent drain stoppages.

Safety Check Your House

What We Will Do:

The service technician will walk through your home inspecting your plumbing system and tighten any loose faucet handle during the inspection process. Gas connectors will be inspected visually as well as any exposed piping. You will be shown where your emergency shut-off valve is located along with your emergency gas shut-off, in case of emergency. Your service technician will check under your house for leakage on drains and water lines. He will also inspect under all toilets, tubs, showers, etc. for leakage.

Why Have It Done:

How often do you crawl under your house? Or, do you want to? Leakage from drains or water lines can cause damage to sub floors and floor joist which can lead to structural damage. Drain leakage can cause unsanitary conditions under your living space.

The Benefits of a Preferred Customer Service Agreement Plan

Peace of Mind: Automatic periodic inspections of your water heater and fixtures keeps them operating at peak efficiency. Potential problems can be spotted before they cause trouble.

Competent Experts at Your Service: A competent, trained, dependable staff of experts looks after and “worries” about your plumbing system and its performance. We work with you to schedule your service calls when convenient.

Preferred Treatment: A Preferred Customer Service Plan Agreement increases your plumbing reliability, but should you need emergency service, the Plan entitles you to preferential treatment.

Choice of Visits Per Year: You set the number of Preferred Customer Service Plan Agreement calls. This will determine the cost of your Plan.

Repairs: If repairs are needed, Preferred Customer Plan Service Agreement customers are entitled to a 15% discount. Customer approval is always sought before proceeding with any repairs.

Price Protection: Your agreement price cannot be raised during the effective dates. Prices will not be raised for following renewal periods without notifying you. And remember, whether the work takes ten minutes or ten hours, you have an absolute guaranteed price!

Service You Can Trust: Our skilled experts know their business. Rely on them and our reputation to fix it right, right away.

Learn about our Lawn Sprinkler System Service Agreement

A lawn sprinkler system service agreement plan includes two visits per year (spring & winter). If a plumbing system service agreement is purchased with a lawn system agreement the plumbing and sprinkler visits will be done on the same visit. Read more about our sprinkler services.

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