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Hydrojetting Makes Your Pipes Like New

After years of letting things like cooking grease, hair, food particles and paper products slide down your household drains, you can develop some serious clogs. Sludge and hardened masses can coat the insides of your pipes, narrowing the opening and causing your drains to back up. Hydrojetting is an effective technique that uses high-pressure water to scrape these types of deposits off the pipes and restore the opening to its original size. If your pipes are weak or damaged from age of other means, hydrojetting won’t make them better, but it will blast through any clog that stands in its way.

The Dangers of Moisture and Mold

It’s common knowledge that moist environments are an ideal breeding ground for mold growth. It’s also common knowledge that mold spores can cause serious health problems for young children or people with weakened respiratory systems. Many homeowners take measures to keep moisture levels to a minimum, but fail to consider hidden water leaks as a cause of moisture and mold. Leaks behind walls, under floors and in other hidden areas can cause enough moisture to encourage mold growth, so if you notice signs, take the time to call a plumber and take care of the problem.

Do I Need Water Heater Repairs?

A broken water heater won’t make your home unlivable, but it will make it terribly uncomfortable to have a shower or bath. If you aren’t getting blasts of cold water during a hot shower, you may end up with no hot water at all. Cold water isn’t very effective for washing dishes, either. If your hot water faucets aren’t doing as they’re told, you probably need water heater repairs. If you are ever in your basement and notice water leaking from the hot water tank, this is also a sign that your water heater needs help.

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