Hot Springs Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation Services

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Garbage Disposal Services in Hot Springs, AR

Garbage disposals are appliances designed for convenience in the home or speed and efficiency in professional settings like restaurants. When working at full capacity, a garbage disposal makes life a whole lot easier, but when they begin to break down, your plumbing system may end up taking a hit.

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Potential Garbage Disposal Issues

If one or more blades in your garbage disposal are damaged for any reason, it won’t be able to pulverize the foods the way it should, and larger items may pass into the plumbing system. Whether the blades are damaged or not, clogged drains also cause many garbage disposals to stop working efficiently. Sometimes, the actual disposal is working fine, but there is a problem with the electrical circuitry that supplies it, and the unit won’t turn on. Any of these issues will necessitate a visit from your plumber to get things running properly again.

What About DIY Garbage Disposal Repair?

Trying to repair a broken garbage disposal by yourself is a risky proposition. Not only do you have blades to content with, but you also have electrical and plumbing elements working together at the same time. The risk of serious cuts, electrocution and other injuries isn’t worth the trouble. Not to mention, you may end up voiding your warranty if you end up damaging the disposal further. It’s probably okay to follow any troubleshooting tips in your manual, but for real repair, stick to the pros.

Professional Installation Is Key

The same is true for garbage disposal installation. If your old garbage disposal has gone through its life cycle and needs a replacement, or if you’re getting one for the first time, professional installation ensures it is done correctly. A professional understands how your electrical and plumbing systems tie together, they know the different manufacturers and they will stand behind their work. It’s not uncommon for a homeowner or small restaurant owner to try to install a garbage disposal, only to have to call a plumber later after they have made a mess. Get it done right the first time and give yourself peace of mind in the process.

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